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Jim Hudlow, CEM
Jim has been in energy management and industry for more than 30 years.  He is our Resource Efficiency Manager and Certified Energy Manager.  His portfolio includes having discovered over $15M in energy saving opportunities around the nation for industrial, military, university agencies.
Wes Hudlow, CEO
Wes is our business and facilitator of different aspects of the business.  He has over 17 years expertise in the carpentry, electrical, and communications.  The experience he brings to the table is changing the industry.  He stays on top of the new technologies, rebates, and other incentive programs that make decision making easy for our clients.  
About Sustainable Angles
Sustainable Angles, Inc. is a consulting group specializing in identifying energy saving opportunities and performing awareness education services to commercial and industrial entities of the private, agency, and government sectors to successfully reduce energy and water consumption. Sustainable Angles offers tangible working solutions by identifying renewable energy sources, new technologies, and low cost/no cost maintenance techniques as appropriate and high-tech evaluations as deemed applicable. The company’s main focus is to measure and justify alternatives to reducing costs of energy. Sustainable Angles provides a variety of energy engineering functions to enable the client to better meet Executive Orders 13423, 13514, and Energy Policy Act of 2005.
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